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  • attempt to crack our authenication system to post
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Faliure to comply may result in account suspension or termination.

To prevent phishing, please please please do NOT click on links in emails that appear to come from us, instead paste the whole link into the web browser. We do not email you URLs or attachements to retrieve, edit or remove your Wah Yan Star Studio account data. The proper interface available is through wyavtv.org and ONLY wyavtv.org. Leaking your information through philshing attacks WILL result in account suspension immediately.

Copyright Notice

In short, plagerism is not allowed.

The Wah Yan Star Studio logo may NOT be downloaded and used on any other page other than www.wyavtv.org.

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Our campus broadcasts are distributed under a "Creative Commons License Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Hong Kong" (Creative Commons License) where possible. License Details

You must not:

  • distribute videos under a difference license than specified
  • download/distribute/edit videos that are 'All Rights Reserved'
  • edit videos that are marked "No-Derivative"
  • use videos that are marked "Non-Commercial" for commercial purposes

Faliure to comply may result in action by law.

However, any of the copyright terms may be waived if approved by the Producer, Mr. Y.C. Lam. To request so, send an email to info@wyavtv.org

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy has moved. Please go to www.wyavtv.org/privacy.php

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